Just & Good is about you


Roundtables and the Leaders Vineyard

The roundtable takes you into business settings where you explore premier business models where the life of the leader is paramount. Your business is not just a business, it should flow from your life. We help you be a better version of yourself by helping you lean into your true identity. The Leaders Vineyard takes you into a deeper dive.



The Real Stuff

Unlock your core values and the true you. Let your life flow into your business. Live a resilient life where dragons can't take you down: identify, reflect, execute. Our mission is to create relationships, not transactions. 


Our Expertise

Our experience  has helped hundreds of leaders find their true north and a solid connection to peers who share their journey. JBR will help you probe major challenges many leaders are afraid to face. We advocate strategies based on the experience and knowledge of countless seasoned business leaders.