About the Just Business Roundtable


Our Approach

Just Business Roundtable (JBR) provides a place where business leaders can learn from one another how to lead with an authentic life that will flow into in their workplace. JBR offers an extraordinary opportunity to engage with one another in real life businesses -- We teach leaders to observe, analyze, and apply unique value-based just and good leadership.


Why JBR?

JBR experiences are offered quarterly. Each Roundtable is facilitated by seasoned leaders including a business presentation by the host company, discussion, and participant application. Each participant is provided resources to implement change in their business environment. Each JBR is followed by an opportunity to join a Leaders Vineyard cohort ending with a Capstone Retreat. 



Our communities need hope and business has the opportunity and the engine to bring significant hope. 

We all love business when it produces a strong bottom line and provides wealth and prosperity. However, when we are troubled by what it takes to get results, we rarely ask the question, "At what human and environmental cost?" We often close our eyes to broken relationships, broken families, and broken communities as we applaud business success. The Just Business Roundtable (JBR) seeks to  help business leaders ask this question, "Are we really building a good and just business?" If you have asked similar questions from time to time and hoped for something different, we invite you to explore Just Business Roundtable and Leaders Vineyard with a growing number of business people. 

Jon Sharpe

Chief Strategist